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MMA Trivia Championship

MMA Trivia Championship

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Introducing the MMA Trivia Championship, the world's first MMA trivia card set. 500 of the hardest questions from the world's toughest sport.

Featuring questions from across the MMA world including, UFC, Pride FC, Bellator, PFL, WEC, and Strikeforce. Do you have what it takes to become a MMA Trivia Champion? Prove who’s the MMA trivia GOAT and who is just a casual.

The perfect gift for the MMA fanatic in your life

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Unmatched Variety and Difficulty of Questions

Questions include various MMA promotions, including UFC, Pride FC, Bellator, PFL, WEC and Strikeforce. Test your MMA expertise with questions about the most iconic events in the sport's history. From UFC classics to unforgettable Pride FC moments, our trivia questions cover a wide spectrum of MMA history. The MMA Trivia Championship guarantees an adrenaline-packed journey through the sport's rich history and technical nuances.

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Quality that Packs a Punch

Our cards are printed on high-quality, durable cardstock, built to withstand countless game nights. The MMA Trivia Championship box is not just a container; it's a work of art. Its sleek, eye-catching design not only protects your game but also serves as an attractive addition to your gaming collection. Crafted with attention to detail, it's the perfect package for your ultimate MMA trivia experience.

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Friends, Fun, and Fight Nights

Gather your friends, whether they're die-hard MMA enthusiasts or newcomers to the sport. Share your knowledge, and suss out the hardcores from the casuals.

There's no better way to spend an evening than testing your MMA knowledge with your closest friends. Challenge each other; from epic showdowns to hilarious moments, every game night becomes a cherished chapter in your friendship journey. It's a perfect way to strengthen your bonds and create stories to reminisce about.

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